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Simi Valley Music Boosters

EVERY parent/guardian of an instrumental music or guard student is a MUSIC BOOSTER!

Mission Statement


The purpose of the Simi Valley Music Boosters is to promote and support the Simi Valley High School Instrumental Music Program, including all instrumental and auxiliary teams under the guidance of the M, and to enhance the Music Program experience for all present and future participants.


We accomplish this purpose through fundraising; fostering good will, communication, and cooperation between parents, students, school and district representatives, instructors, and the community; fostering closer ties between parents of younger students and parents of high school students; rendering moral support to the students by fostering concert attendance and public support of program activities, and thereby promoting music culture in our community.



Welcome to the Simi Valley High School Music Boosters, an organization dedicated to supporting the school's Instrumental Music Program. This requires a hands-on effort from all program families for continued success!


Every parent is encouraged to explore and participate in the volunteer opportunities involved in making the programs available to our students the best they can be! Your student's opportunity to participate in insturmental music department programs is dependent, in part, on each of us volunteering together to support program activities and fundraising. If each family does its part to help out, the burden is shared and becomes more manageable for all. Volunteering is a significant commitment but is also tremendously rewarding!

Reach Us By Mail:

The Simi Valley Music Boosters

PO Box 1013

Simi Valley, CA 93062

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