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Simi Valley Music Boosters is a 501c3 charity.

All donations go into our general fund for the support of all participants regardless of ability to contribute.

All contributions are tax deductible: tax id #23-7259724

Mattress Fundraiser March 5th

Our Simi Valley Music Annual Mattress Fundraiser is almost here.......This is in SVHS Gym


What is a mattress fundraiser? Watch this:

Here is a recap of what YOU can do right now to help: 

1)    TALK to everyone you know about the fundraiser! Pass out the referrals (coming soon) and MAKE SURE you get at least 1 person who needs a new mattress to the school on Sunday, February 26th. If you want to make sure your customers feel comfortable, tell them when you or your student will be there so that you can help them or say hello. Or you can simply bring them there! Find as many people as you can who need a new mattress!

2)    FACEBOOK/ Nextdoor :  Click that you are going to the event and invite all of your Facebook friends to help spread the word. Our goal is 3000 invites by the end of the week! Please help us get there ASAP. Also, post on Next-door or other social media sites.

Everyone does their part and this will be a HUGE day! THANKS!

Your New Fundraising Friend, 

Michelle Yutuc 

CFS North LA


So, what do your fundraising dollars support?  ...

  • Specialty coaching by professional musicians on EACH instrument including strings, concert band, wind ensemble, marching band, and color guard

  • Show design and props for marching band and music class perfrmances

  • Sheet music 

  • Funding for activities:

Festival and contest registration​s

Equipment and costumes for color guard 

Bus transportation 

Guest artist/ensemble student workshops

  • ​Instrument repair and upkeep

  • Instrument purchase 

  • Long term funds for large, expensive instruments and uniform updates, if any funds remain at year end

  • Less than 7% of the budget is allocated to operating costs including coach background checks, student recruitment, PO Box rental, insurance, vehicle registration, banking expenses, and credit card processing fees.

Program Donation Drive

How can I help?

Make a Program Donation if you are able.

Donate through fundraising campaigns. Some earn money without costing you anything!

Participate in fundraisers even if you already made a program donation. This will help out those who are struggling and unable to contribute at this time. Each campaign has its own goal that will help us fund our budget for the year.

See if your employer offers a donation match.

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EASY, no cost!!!

Scrip Program

Click HERE to create a shopwithscrip account and earn cash back on things you already purchase everyday! Choose "Join a Program" and select Simi Valley High School Music Boosters during account creation to link to our program. 
Enrollment Code for Simi Music Program
Selections include physical gift cards and instant E-cards that can be used online. 
Our program buys the physical cards in bulk to save shipping. Please only select physical gift cards during announced order windows.
Need help?

Check back often for updates!

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